Doggy Tips


Behavioral studies show the key period of socialization for puppies to humans is 6 – 8 weeks. This is normally when the mother weans her puppies and they begin to become more independent. This is also when the pups’ nervous system reaches the structural & functional capabilities of an adult. What all of this means, is that he’s ready to learn & socialize.

6 – 8 weeks is the ideal time to place a puppy in a new home for more socialization with humans and to begin housebreaking & basic training. The exact day is not critical, but what you do from then on is.
Give your pup lots of attention & affection at this time, using his name often; your consistency will produce positive results. Let him explore while you supervise from a distance.

If he damages something (or has an accident) you should only punish him or speak harshly to him when he is caught in the act. The only thing a puppy learns from untimely punishment is confusion and fear of you.
Now is also a good time to begin to introduce very basic commands like “No”, “Off” and “Sit”.

Putting your pup in situations where he can’t lose will help build his confidence and minimize future behavior problems.

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