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Daycare Program

How do I know my dog is well socialized? Dog that are comfortable meeting and being around a variety of people and other dogs. Being able to relax and be receptive to new people and dogs isn’t something that comes naturally to every dog. Enrolling them in a day care program
Our program allows your dog to socialize and make new friends. Get a day outside in the fresh air playing, jumping and getting some exercise. We have a large outside turf area with multiple dog parks for the dogs to play all day long as well as an air conditioned indoor dog park for them to hang out in when the weather is unseasonable or rainy. Our staff is attentive and loving towards all our doggy guests and make sure they are kept safe while here with us at daycare.
Requirements for your dog to join daycare:
  • Complete free evaluation day
  • Be at least 4 month of age
  • Any dog over 6 months must be neutered/spayed
  • All dogs must be on a flea/tick prevention
  • All dog must up—to-date with Rabies, Bordetella,and Distemper
  • All dogs must be in good health
  • All dogs must have a current town license on file and be renewed yearly
  • Rabies certificate must be on file
  • Medications must be presented in their original prescription bottle

Requirements for your dog to join daycare: