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Welcome to the Homepage of Free Range Doggy Daycare and Over Night Camp, our premier dog kennel, dog boarding and daycare facility in Glastonbury, Connecticut.

Welcome to Free Range Doggy Daycare centrally located in Glastonbury center.

Indoors your dog will enjoy playing (or napping) in our clean 3,000 square foot heated/ air conditioned play area.

The outdoor area consists of 3,000 square feet of sand, ramps, and tunnels for the dogs to entertain themselves through out the day. This allows for plenty of room for supervised play time and fresh air.

We are dedicated to making sure your dog has the best experience while at our facility. Playing all day in our multiple turf dog parks. Allowing for plenty of room to romp around with their fellow Ranger friends in the fresh air.

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Owners: You must show proof that your dog is current for these vaccinations prior to bringing them into our facility:

All puppies must be at least 4 months of age. All dogs must be spayed or neutered. You may have your Veterinarian fax these records to us for your convenience.

Doggy Tips

Behavioral studies show the key period of socialization for puppies to humans is 6 - 8 weeks. This is normally when the mother weans her puppies and they begin to become more independent. This is also when the pups' nervous system reaches the structural & functional capabilities of an adult. What all of this means, is that he's ready to learn & socialize.

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Providing your pet with a safe and fun experience!

Our spacious complex has one of the largest indoor-outdoor play areas in Greater Hartford at 6,500 total square feet.

Free Range Doggy Daycare

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