Dog Kennels in Glastonbury CT

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Owners: You must show proof that your dog is current for these vaccinations prior to bringing them into our facility:
1) Rabies
2) Distemper
3) Bordetella (Kennel Cough)
Allpuppies must be at least 4 months of age.
Alldogs must be spayed or neutered.
You may have your veterinarian fax these records to us for your convenience.
Our Fax Number: 860-430-9882


Overnight Boarding

Our Policies for Daycare Apply to Overnight Boarding. Please Contact us for a copy!
We will not admit any dog that shows aggression towards any other dog or member of our staff.
All dogs must be spayed/ neutered.
All dogs must have current proof of the following vaccinations before entering our facility:
Bordetella (Kennel Cough)
No Hidden Fees
All dogs will spend their days with our regular daycare playgroups at no extra cost unless specified otherwise by their owner.
(All Non-Daycare Dogs Must be Evaluated Prior to Boarding.)
We will feed your dog (with food from home) at no extra cost.
We will administer any medications you provide (along with instructions) at no extra cost.
Beds, Blankets and Toys from home are all acceptable.
1 Dog in our Standard Kennel:  $35.00 per Night

1 of Our Four Premium Kennels: $55.00 per Night
(These Kennels are two to three times the size of our regular kennels.)
A 2nd Dog in the same Premium Kennel is no charge, A 3rd Dog is $9.00 extra per night.

Weekends, Holidays & School Vacations: Additional $5.00 per Night for each Kennel.

After Memorial Day weekend of this year (2015) we will no longer be offering any complimentary bath & brushings.

 We will continue to offer a "Boarding Bath & Brush Special" for $15.00 when your dog boards with us for 3 nights or longer.

If we have to feed your dog our food: $2.00 per meal.                             
We can supply your dog with a "Down-Time Snack" which is a Kong stuffed with peanut butter if you would like: $2.00 per Day.
All Boarding Drop-off & Pick-up dates and times must be confirmed with our office in advance.
Weekend Drop-offs & Pick-ups are 6-7 AM, 11:30 AM - 12:30 PM and 6-7 PM.; no exceptions please!
All Dog(s) Must be Picked-up at the same time of day as the Drop-off.

 All prices are subject to the 6.35% CT Sales Tax.


This is how our campers spend their days!




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